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Our small size means that we are able to exercise personal control over many aspects of your holiday.  Our lecturers are frequently closely associated with the archaeological scene in the area you will be visiting, and may occasionally be able to arrange special access.  Guests appreciate and comment on the care and thoughtfulness with which their holiday is planned and run.


The Nisarga Tours & Travels office


Many of our tours are accompanied by one of Nisarg Tour Managers ( 'good-humoured, efficient, kind, unflappable, endlessly helpful, patient, thoughtful, caring, boundless energy, a delight to be with' ), who will look after the details.  Their unobtrusive presence makes all the difference to your holiday.  They have been chosen and specially trained by Andante to be perceptive and forward thinking so as to ensure that every traveller enjoys their holiday to the full.  Tours with fewer than 15 guests may travel without a Tour Manager, but will still be accompanied by the specialist Guide Lecturer and frequently, also a local guide.


This company started life in a corner of 14 years ago.Since then he and his colleagues freind have introduced thousands of people to the excitement of the ancient world.  Their combined knowledge spans two million years of human development.
Archaeology, wildlife, flowers Archaeological sites are often in beautiful and remote places.  Even those at the very heart of the tourist trail frequently hide an untouched hinterland.  This means that the wild flowers, natural geology and birds and beasts of the area add a special interest to our holidays.  Many of our guests are knowledgeable and interested in these subjects, and you may come back with yet another area of interest!

92% for overall satisfaction

We are absolutely dependent on the views and assessments of our customers in order to keep improving our holidays.  We send a detailed questionnaire to everyone who travels with us and pay the return postage, hoping that having entrusted us with their holiday, customers will wish us to improve whatever might be made better.
Furthermore, we wait until all the questionnaires have been returned, analyse and discuss the information travellers provide, take these into consideration in planning the next tour, and write to you to let you know the overall concensus.
Last year 91% of our guests returned their questionnaires and awarded us 4.6 out of 5.0 for overall satisfaction, which is the equivalent of 92%.  Since we are aware of a degree of cynicism regarding the publication of questionnaire results, we invite anyone to come and inspect them in our offices - and we'll provide a cup of coffee whilst you do it!

Good value

We choose all elements of each tour with your comfort and pleasure in mind and make absolutely transparent what is included and what is not.
Nisarg tours are simpler, pared down to the essentials of top class archaeology and seamless travel arrangements, so they are less expensive and offer more free time, but most Nisarg tours include more or less everything.  Our customers have even been known to comment on how little they actually spent.  Last year they awarded us an average of 4.4 out of 5.0, or 88%, for value for money.  Even the most expensive of our tours are routinely considered good value.

Experts with the light touch

Many of the people who guide your party are leading authorities on the area which you are visiting.  All are highly qualified and articulate academics - they also have to be the kind of people you would want to spend time with!  Professors, authors, excavating archaeologists - they are some of the most renowned scholars and exciting academics around.

Small parties of like-minded people

There are usually around 19 people in an Nisarg party, but you may well find you are part of an even smaller group. There will never be more than 24 other guests on your holiday.
Whether you come alone, with a partner or friends, there are plenty of others in the same situation.  We have a reputation for creating an easy and informal atmosphere so you feel that you are travelling with friends.

Our itineraries


Our tours provide a very different experience of visiting sites from most other tour operators.  Nisarg approaches an area in consultation with an expert who has worked there, and together we create an itinerary of academic integrity which balances visits to world-class monuments on the tourist trail with off-the-beaten-track adventures.  Whilst it is the big names of archaeology which you travel to see, it may well be the fascinating little sites which you remember with the most affection.  Ours are never "tick-lists" of ancient sites, but a carefully constructed journey which reflects a "narrative" that unfolds as you progress.
The greatest enjoyment is to be had in understanding an archaeological site within its setting, giving consideration to the people who built it, the society they lived in, and the world around them at that time.
We can do this only because the people in charge of creating your tour are themselves archaeologists as well as travel professionals. You are in the hands of experts with a mission to get you addicted to an interest in the ancient world….and be warned, we are usually successful.  The majority of our clients travel with us time and again.


Fly with us, or travel independently

You can fly with the rest of the party, normally Domestically, or you may prefer to find your own way to the start of the tour.  Low-cost flights offer wonderful value from local airports.  We give the price of most tours with and without our flights so you can choose, though a couple of tours do not include flights at all. 
There are also those who prefer to take the train, or to drive and meet the group later. Why not consider making our tour the heart of a longer journey and visit relatives, or do a little touring in your own car as well?
The Nisarg tours are particularly designed to take advantage of low-cost flights which you can book yourself, or where flight options are given in the tour details, can book them for you.
If you do choose to make your own way there, we will meet you at the first hotel.

The little extras

It may be possible to extend your stay in the country, or make changes to suit your own arrangements.  It may also be possible to upgrade your flight seats - just ask us.  We make an administrative some charge per person per tour for making changes.

Early booking

Many of our tours book up very quickly, so if you have set your heart on a particular holiday do make sure that you let us know immediately. 

The hotels and porterage

We choose our hotels very carefully and it is important that you know the criteria on which we judge them.  We try to find particularly unusual, characterful, charming, picturesque and comfortable places for you to stay, and do our best to avoid the concrete blocks which are the same worldwide - no matter how many stars they sport.  Occasionally such an option is simply not available and we choose on the basis of location and convenience.  All will be clean and comfortable and have en-suite bathrooms (possible exceptions in jungle lodges).  Not every hotel we use has lifts and porters, so we do ask that you are able to move your own luggage a reasonable distance (from coach to hotel bedroom).

Food and Drink

Nisarg is very keen on good local food and we usually include Special food for dinner.  In our experience, restaurants provide better food and frequently a jollier ambience than hotels, so we may eat out as well.  Nisarg tours include more flexibility to choose your own places to eat.
We are also well-known for our picnics.  These are an Nisarg speciality, created by specially trained tour managers on many of our holidays.  They save time in rural locations and give the opportunity to offer local breads, hams and cheeses and different wines, which is just not possible in a restaurant.

Levels of knowledge

Our holidays are created for intelligent, interested people, but that does not mean tertiary education, and it does not presuppose any knowledge of the subject at all .  Occasionally we are joined by colleagues who have studied archaeology or ancient history, but we would like to stress that no prior knowledge is necessary - enthusiasm is the main requirement.  Guests are provided with a reading list and field notes prior to departure, so that they may be as well-prepared as they wish (many just sit back and enjoy being informed and inspired by their guide lecturer.

Nisarg Tours & Travels has over 12 years of experience in the Travel Industry in India. And has very good rapport with major airlines. His office staff as well as his customers are committed in developing this business.

Nisarg has helpful and knowledgeable staff who make the planning stage of your trip Quick and Easy. 

Nisarg Tours & Travels is a family run business. It's experienced staff understands your needs very well and are committed to "HELP YOU TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT HOLIDAYS".

Please bookmark this website and visit often to find out more about their best deals!!

With our extensive experience arranging custom travel services, we look forward to making your next trip a memorable and enjoyable one.












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